Saturday, 19 February 2011

Trenton: I need lots of pictures

I would love to have a picture of Alex chisholm's house with store under. It was next to the building of A. H. King, which still stands at Chisholm's Corner  between Mechanic and Caroline streets (where Main St. and High St. meet).   And now I think I have it!!

It is March 12, and I think I may have found a picture of Alex Chisholm's store with house above.  It is a front view only. It was built in 1889 i waht was then considered to be the North End. I would love to see a view from the north, for instance, showing the front and side of the house with other buildings also. The A.H. King building or Ivan Fleet's store, and across the corner, the Flat Iron Building. there is a refection in the north window, on the left, that shows a black building with a flagpole. That would be on the west side on Main Street. In the right window, the south side next to Mamie Ryan's, there is a refection that could be the Flat Iron Building. i remember the house as being very high with 12 ft ceilings. I think this picture looks short, but it is probably just the way the photograph was taken.

Also, the queen's  arrival at trenton Airport in 1959

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