Saturday, 19 February 2011

Trenton: The first Hundred Years 1878 rather than 1911 by Don Cosh

When I wrote  Trenton: The First Hundred Years, I was using the date of 1878 when Graham Fraser and Forrest MacKay made Smelt Brook, north of New Glasgow, the new home of the Nova Scotia Iron Works. Then came the establishment of the Nova Scotia Glass company. By 1882, Harvey Graham, a principal in the glass works, named the area  after Trenton, New Jersey, home of the Roeblin Iron works.

Now, we have a new hundred years; from 1911 when Trenton was incorporated as a separate town, to the present 2011!

There is so much history there!  hopefully, we can do more research and get some more information at the celebrations. i hope to have the opportunity to set up a display of pictures and explanations for the visitors. Perhaps I will advertise beforehand to obtain pictures that are needed for a video of Trenton's history on DVD.

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